Message from the Chief Of Police


To the residents, business owners and visitors of the Island City of Wilton Manors:

On May 25th the tragic event in Minneapolis stunned and shocked a nation.  The killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer (and the three officers who failed to intervene) was reprehensible and appalling.  Let me be very clear on this point, those actions (or non-actions) do not represent our police profession.  The maneuver used has been labeled a “deadly use of force” by our Police Department since 2006.  Then, in 2009, the maneuver was eliminated from our police academy curriculum.  

Let me be clear on a second point:  No one hates a bad cop more than a good cop!

The Wilton Manors Police Department’s Mission Statement is as follows:

Our Department prides itself on its service to our community and that is our primary goal.  We hire, promote and train our employees to live and work by the Mission Statement above.  Our employees strive each and every day to apply common sense and common decency when they interact with the public.  They are committed to service through their strength in character.

As the demonstrations continue and the voices of discontent reach higher and higher volume; know that we hear those voices and we feel your pain and frustration.  We simply ask that you work with your respective community leaders to ensure the safety of all persons and property.  Injury or destruction has no place in the First Amendment.

On June 5th the Broward Chiefs of Police held a press conference and announced its “Call to Action” and each Chief of Police pledged their support for the following five points:
  • The eradication of bad cops through an early warning alert system
  • A collective review of our use of force policies and implement change where needed
  • Continue to engage our community by including a diverse range of input: collaboration
  • Enhanced training to end bias based policing and increase cultural sensitivity
  • Repair the damage and restore the trust 

For the past four years the Wilton Manors Police Department has partnered with the Urban League of Broward County on its Justice Project Task Force; a task force which I am very proud to co-chair.  We know that only through collaboration and partnership can we heal the wounds of injustice.  We also know that we have work to do that this “Journey for Justice” is a long and difficult road to travel.  We ask that you join us on this, our “journey for justice”!

                                             WORKING TOGETHER

The Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has been shown not to discriminate, it has truly impacted every person across the globe, and of course our Island City as well. Throughout this time however, our community has rallied together as it usually does during difficult times. We have seen individuals and businesses support each other. You have ensured that Governmental Orders handed down to keep us safe such as social distancing are being adhered to. You have helped make this dilemma as safe as possible, while creating an even closer-knit community along the way. During this time period, your Code Compliance Unit has also been involved by assisting with traffic for food distribution, advocating social distancing measures, mitigating price gouging, and keeping Wilton Manors clean. 

As we plot our course towards normalcy and turn the corner, it is important that we still keep these principles which have been guiding us, so that we can make a full recovery and take our city to even greater heights. In doing so, we must continue to be vigilant of potential price gouging, be cognizant of social distancing, and continue to practice safe hygiene. We must also continue to keep our properties clean so that our property values are not impacted, and try to help those who are elderly or may have physical or financial impairments, so that they can achieve the same. 

Please contact us with any questions or concerns, and let’s continue to work together towards an even greater Island City, because life will always be better here.

Our Response and Responsibilities during
the Coronavirus pandemic

To the Wilton Manors Community,

I take this opportunity to reach out to you amidst this Coronavirus (COVID-19) health pandemic to update you on public safety here in the Island City.  First and foremost, please know our ability to provide public safety services to our community is unchanged, and we remain committed to delivering law enforcement services throughout this COVID-19 (C-19) pandemic.  Our agency continues to work with our local, state and federal partners to stay up to date with the latest information which allows WMPD to make informed decisions in the interest of public safety.  We have taken steps to protect our community, our first responders and our support staff to mitigate the exposure, transmission, contraction and cultivation of COVID-19 and through this pandemic we will remain vigilant in patrolling our community with public safety being our # 1 priority.  

Due to the current health issue and in an effort to minimize first responder exposure to COVID-19, our agency has modified some of our practices.  Currently, we have expanded our use of taking police reports over the phone.  Officers have been encouraged to maintain adequate distance when interacting with citizens and officers have begun meeting with members of our community in “open air” locations during calls for service.  When our officers make a request of you to meet in the open air or at a distance, know that this is done in the interest of health safety for all involved.  We ask that you follow their lead so we can continue to provide service to you in the safest manner possible.  

To our residents, we continue to work toward maintaining safe neighborhoods in the same manner we did before this crisis.  The relationships we have cultivated over the years will enable us to navigate through this pandemic together, and together we will remain as vigilant as we always have been.  The foundations of our “Know Your Neighbor – Know Your Neighborhood” and “See Something – Say Something” initiatives were built on the pillars of trust:  Trust in each other and the Trust you have in WMPD.  We add one pillar to assist all of us as we travel this difficult road: “Don’t Knock When You Can Call / Email.”  This phrase embodies exactly what we must practice during the coming weeks ahead.  Separation is critical in our efforts to mitigate the spread of this virus.  Know that we shall utilize all of the above methods to deter, detect and apprehend criminal activity.  As always, do not hesitate to call us if something is not right in your neighborhood.  

To our business community, we ask you stay abreast of executive orders being implemented by federal, state, county and city officials.  Most importantly, we seek your voluntary and immediate compliance with any new regulation that may go into effect as these regulations are being put in place for your safety, the safety of your patrons and the safety of our community at large.  We empathize with you and your employees during what has become a challenging time for our business community and we stand ready to support you in our public safety endeavor.    

Finally, below you will find some operational adjustments we have made in order to maintain and sustain a healthy workforce.  

None of our adjustments have resulted in fewer officers patrolling our community and there has been no modification which has reduced the number of law enforcement personnel we have investigating crimes.  

  • Report Crimes:  In the event of an emergency or in progress situation, continue to call 9-1-1.  For all other incidents call our non-emergency dispatch center at (954) 764-HELP (4357).  All crimes and incidents will continue to be investigated by our officers/detectives.  To better protect the community, delayed crimes/incidents may generate a phone call to you by the officer so they can obtain important investigative information .  We encourage you to volunteer information to our dispatch center regarding the potential for first responders to encounter COVID-19 on any given incident.
  • Police Lobby Hours:  Our lobby will be CLOSED to the public effective 3/19/20 and will mirror that of City Hall.
  • General Information:  You may contact us as (954) 390-2150 or
    • Mon-Sat. 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
    • Closed on Sunday
  • Records Requests:  Should you need a record, please contact us at (954) 390-2150 (option #1) or e-mail your request to 
  • Fingerprinting:  Fingerprinting services have been suspended until further notice.
We encourage you to stay up to date with COVID-19 information.  We also ask that you follow us on Facebook, Twitter and SaferWatch.  We will utilize these social media platforms to communicate important information to our community.  Our website is also a valuable tool to stay informed…visit us here at    

Through this C-19 pandemic our community will remain strong and resilient, and together we will persevere through these challenging times.  I believe in the Power of Perseverance!  Our Country has seen much bigger challenges and endured. Your Police Department and its employees stand ready to serve our community during this health crisis.   We wish you good health and safety along the way, and should you need our assistance do not hesitate to call upon us.


Paul O’Connell
Chief of Police

To the Wilton Manors Community,