Message from the Chief Of Police

Police Officers with Children

The Wilton Manors Police Department (WMPD) recently received a letter from Jodi Hansen; a Third Grade Teacher at the Wilton Manors Elementary School (WMES) located in the heart of Wilton Manors. In her letter, Jodi explained how she attended WMES as a young child and all of her children were also educated through WMES. Jodi mentioned how she has been employed at WMES for eighteen rewarding years and how the WMPD adopted her class for many of those great years. Jodi went on to explain how her classroom was once again in need of assistance by the WMPD.  Jodi explained how she does not have a “traditional” classroom setting and instead offers her students the ability of “flexible” seating which provides her students with a classroom that is more like a home setting with couches, bean bag chairs, lap desks, a beautiful library with many genres of books, etc.  Jodi stated many of these items have a lot of wear and tear from the years of use and assistance again from the WMPD would help her give her students what she feels could make them love to come to school and become lifelong learners.

Jodi’s letter was received by Chief Paul O’Connell and after reading her heartfelt letter Chief O’Connell knew WMPD could assist Jodi and her students. The WMPD responded by providing Jodi and her class with a check donation to be used to enhance her classroom and her students’ education. The WMPD is honored to be part of such a great community and able to assist in making an impact in the lives of our future leaders. 

When the Community Comes together we all win!


How to spot synthetic ID theft

In a recent article published in Kiplinger’s Personal Finance (August, 2018) it was revealed that there is a new form of identity theft.  The article, written by Julie Conroy, describes how there is a new wave of “synthetic ID theft” and it is on the rise.  

What is “synthetic ID theft”? Criminals fabricate new identities for the purpose of opening fraudulent lines of credit.  The new person created by these thieves is the combination of personal information from various persons from whom personal identity information has been stolen and then it is sold on the dark web, sometimes in bundles.

Ms. Conroy wrote, “A perfect storm has been forming over the past few years.  We have been in a very steady credit recovery, and some of the old barriers to getting credit have eased as creditors try to find more people to give credit to.”  In addition, almost 10 billion records have breached since 2013 (yes, that was a B!). Thus, there has been and continues to be plenty of stolen personal information out there to use in the attempt to create a “new you” or a combination of personal information from various persons to create a “new you,” apply for credit in the form of a credit card or a loan.  Before you know it, the money and the “new you” are gone; never to be found.  We all pay for the monetary loses in the form of higher prices which we pay to enjoy the life we live.

The same personal safeguards apply:  monitor your bank and credit card accounts on a regular basis.  Check your credit reports from the three credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) as often as possible.  NEVER share your social security number with unknown entities.  Remember, the IRS NEVER calls you, this organization communicates only in writing.

Halloween: Wednesday, October 31st – parents must take an active role in guiding their children to ensure they make the right choices during this fun night.  First and foremost, the younger the child the more necessary it is for at least one parent to accompany the child on their “trick or treat” travels.  Common sense needs to apply here.  Second, be sure to assist your children as they do an “inventory” of the goodies they collected during their travels.  Discard ANYTHING that is not pre-wrapped or where the wrappings have been compromised (for your own personal safety, I suggest you do this when your child is NOT looking).  Finally, Be Like a Wolf: travel in packs!!  If the wolf has taught us anything it is this: there is strength in numbers.  

As always, the Wilton Manors Police Department is at your service day or night, 24/7.  Feel free to visit us in person at our Front Desk in City Hall, 2020 Wilton Drive.  The hours are Monday-Friday 7am-10pm and Saturday 10am-5pm; the lobby is closed on Sunday. 

Regional Dispatch / Non Emergency: 954-764-HELP (4357)
In Case of Emergency dial 9-1-1
If you see suspicious activity, please call Dispatch.
Regional Dispatch / Non Emergency: 954-764-HELP (4357)
In Case of Emergency dial 9-1-1