Message from the Chief Of Police

An accreditation program has long been recognized as a means of CFA lOGOmaintaining the highest standards of professionalism.  Indeed, it is a form of “best practices” that acts to protect both the police officers and the citizens they are sworn to serve.  Accreditation has proven to give a high return on investment because it protects taxpayer dollars by providing the most efficient use of staffing and equipment through the adoption and use of these “best practices.”   A Police Department which attains such designation is the functional equivalent to a Doctor or a Lawyer being “Board Certified” and because it shows that we meet or exceed the highest standards of our respective professions.  In addition, Accreditation helps in our recruiting efforts as the best police candidates are drawn to the best Police Departments.  Finally, those Police Departments which are accredited tend to have a higher success rate in securing Grant Awards because of the status that comes with being accredited.

The Wilton Manors Police Department first attained Accreditation status in 2010.  This past spring we went through the process of “Re-Accreditation” which was an arduous process of proving that this Police Department continues to adhere to these high standards in our daily activity as we serve the citizens and visitors of Wilton Manors.  In June 2019 the Wilton Manors Police Department was awarded its third Re-Accreditation” at a ceremony in Orlando.  Our Staff Inspector / Accreditation Coordinator, Doug Robertson, was a vital part of this success story.  

As WMPD went through the inspection process for re-accreditation it was “all hands on deck” and Doug was the “standard bearer” leading the charge to meet the challenge!  Let there be no doubt that he was the driving force and the guiding hand that led us to a successful review by the CFA Commission in June.  Doug’s continuous upbeat attitude inspired all of us.  This showed during the assessment process and during the CFA Commission review.  Thank you Doug!

So the Wilton Manors Police Department maintains its Accreditation status for the next three years (2022).  What an honor this is!!  The badge we wear on our uniform is a Badge of Honor.  The Accreditation status we have attained is a Badge of Excellence!  For more information on the Florida Accreditation process I encourage you to visit their website at

Wicked Manors 2019


: Thursday October 31st – parents must take an active role in guiding their children to ensure they make the right choices during this fun night.  First and foremost, the younger the child the more important it is for at least one parent to accompany the child on their “trick or treat” travels.  Common sense needs to apply here.  Second, be sure to assist your children as they do an “inventory” of the goodies they collected during their travels.  Discard ANYTHING that is not pre-wrapped or where the wrappings have been compromised (for your own personal safety, I suggest you do this when your child is NOT looking).

Remember….Be Like a Wolf: travel in packs!!  If the wolf has taught us anything it is this: there is strength in numbers.  

Also remember…..Wicked Manors is set for 10/31/19 and the Drive will be packed with party goers.  The same rule applies…..BE LIKE A WOLF and travel in a pack!! 

2019 Hurricane Names - Strikethrough Finally, September is prime hurricane season!!  Are you ready?  Remember, the season does not end until November 30th!  Take the time to ensure that you are prepared, that your family is prepared and that your property is prepared for the storm.  Waiting until the storm approaches simply sets you up for failure and frustration.  

As always, the Wilton Manors Police Department is at your service day or night, 24/7.  Feel free to visit us in person at our Front Desk in City Hall, 2020 Wilton Drive.  The LOBBY hours are Monday-Friday 7am-10pm and Saturday 10am-5pm; the lobby is closed on Sunday. 
Also browse further on our website at for all the information you need to contact us or to report code issues.