Speed Sign


South Florida is a great place to enjoy the “perks” of great living with the accommodations of our beautiful beaches, peaceful parks, great restaurants and vibrant nightlife.  It is also a location where many motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians mix together to commute to these places and others through our City and residential streets.  Knowing this, your Wilton Manors Police Department understands how important traffic safety is to you when it comes to ensuring we make our roadways, crosswalks and bicycle lanes as safe as possible.  In conjunction with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, our agency employs traffic education and enforcement efforts in our community that relate to impaired, aggressive and distracted driving, bicycle, pedestrian and child safety, mandatory seat belt usage and other areas to ensure we adequately educate the public on the rules of the road, and also enforce violations when needed.  

The ultimate goal of these initiatives is to reduce the number of traffic related incidents in our City.  Although we are the primary organization responsible for taking the lead to improve traffic safety, we cannot do it alone.  Should you identify a traffic concern in your area we encourage you to contact us at (954) 390-2150 or and let us know what is going on in your area so we can address the issue.  Our mission is to police with a passion for our profession and with compassion for those we serve, and we stand ready to improve safety along our roadways so you can truly enjoy the “perks” of our Island City.