Employee of the Quarter

Sergeant Biagio Balistreri - 1st Quarter 2016

Sgt. BalistreriSgt. Balistreri, it is with great pleasure that I inform you of your selection by your peers as the recipient of the David Dodson Memorial Award - Employee of the Quarter – 1st Quarter 2016.

During the first three months of 2016 Commander Gary Blocker attended the FBI National Academy leaving behind a gapping void of leadership. You stepped into that void and led our Police Department in his absence. You oversaw the entire Operations Bureau which included all the Department’s road patrol efforts. In addition, you successfully supervised an important operational plan in one of the City’s eastern parks.

While completing the many duties of Commander Blocker, you also completed your own duties as the Department’s Training Sergeant. You did so at a particularly challenging time as our agency had three new police officers in varying phases of training. You also ensured that each of our senior police officers and civilian employees continued the requisite training necessary to maintain their respective certifications. In addition, you worked diligently with our Human Resources Department in our continuing efforts to find high quality applicants to fill our current vacancies. This has been a daunting task as we compete with other police agencies to bring our respective departments up to full staffing during an era in which those who wish to become police officers are few and difficult to find.

Perhaps most important, during the first quarter of the year this Department was in the midst of planning for its re-accreditation with the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation. Your role in planning for and executing our review was critical as we transitioned two new employees into our Evidence Room. You took an important leadership role in that training effort.

To summarize, you continue to dedicate yourself to the police profession by your selfless work ethic. Our Police Department is better able to serve our community because of your leadership and professionalism. Congratulations on your selection and thank you for your continued good work!


Crime Analyst/Victim Advocate Alberto Carrillo - 4th Quarter 2015

Carrillo Empolyee of the QuarterAlberto, congratulations on your selection as the recipient of the David Dodson Employee of the Quarter award for the fourth quarter of 2015. You were selected by your peers for this prestigious award based on your work ethic and personal sacrifice in service to our community.

Currently, you are assigned to our Detective Bureau as our Crime Analyst. However, this does not begin to accurately describe all the work that you do and the tasks you fulfill. In addition, you also serve as the newly created Victim Advocate for our Police Department. Training for this new task is a work in progress, but you have embraced these new duties with enthusiasm.

In addition to the above, you are also the primary point person for the Wilton Manors Citizens Police Academy. 2016 will mark the 4th Edition of this academy as it works to expose our citizens to the work WMPD does, how it does this work and, most importantly, the purpose we serve.

Above and beyond the many tasks noted, during the last three months of 2015 you truly stepped up your personal sacrifice by taking over our Evidence Control and Police Service Aide duties. These additional duties were compelled by the newly assigned Police Service Aides attending the eight week training for the Police Aide Academy in Davie. During their absence, you filled in and absorbed these duties. Then, upon their graduation, you took them under your tutelage and trained them for a period of several months.

Your personal sacrifice did not go unnoticed by your peers as they selected you for this award. Congratulations on your selection as the David Dodson Employee of the Quarter award for the fourth quarter of 2015.


Officer Greg Gardner - 2nd Quarter 2015

Officer GardnerOfficer Gregory Gardner is a forty (40) year veteran of the law enforcement profession. He began his career with the City of Fort Lauderdale in 1975. After a twenty-five (25) year career as a police officer with their agency, Officer Gardner joined our force in 2000 where he has worked in road patrol ever since. Officer Gardner’s law enforcement experience is second to none in our Agency and our residents have been the recipient of his professional public service since his arrival. Officer Gardner understands the importance of providing a professional and competent service to the members of our community and he especially understands the never ending need to improve community relations.

In September 2014 our Agency assigned Officer Gardner as a permanent acting sergeant on our day shift, and this was his assignment during this quarter. Officer Gardner was tasked with the supervision of officers to ensure they were fulfilling the requirements of their position to the standards of our Agency. This oversight entailed mentoring less experienced officers and providing them with a foundation for continued development. Officer Gardner efficiently and effectively assigned his troops to conduct directed patrols related to traffic safety, property crime suppression and community policing. These tasks were completed to our standards and he had the ability to submit after action reports that showed our agencies accomplishments during these proactive endeavors.

Above all of this, Officer Gardner led his officers by example. He consistently displayed his flexibility when he was needed to work additional hours on short notice, he accepted additional projects, he volunteered at this year’s Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run Tip-a-Cop event and he was able to professionally resolve issues with citizens who may have been dissatisfied with the actions of our personnel. Officer Gardner’s compassion for our City’s residents and his commitment to improving public relations is an example all officers in our agency shall follow.

Overall, Officer Gardner’s commitment to satisfying the requirements of his acting sergeant position is very appreciated by this agency and our members. His leadership allowed for stability amongst his officers and our agency. It is because of Officer Gardner’s dedication to his chosen profession, our residents and our agency that he is awarded with the David Dodson Officer of the Quarter award – 2nd Quarter 2015 award. CONGRATULATIONS ON A JOB WELL DONE!

Paul O'Connell
Chief of Police