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Parking Fee Increase Now in Effectlogo
  • Effective immediately, parking fees have increased to $1.50 per hour at all parking meters and City-operated parking lots.  Why the increase?  The City's goal is to add additional parking spaces in the Arts & Entertainment District bordering Wilton Drive.  To do that requires money to buy land and to construct surface lots or parking structures.  The increased parking fee will help to build up the funds needed for these future projects.  Every quarter and every dollar paid into the parking meters is an investment in future parking improvements for Wilton Manors. 
  • Funds generated by the parking program stay exclusively in the City's Parking Enterprise Fund to pay for current operations and future expansion.  The parking funds are not used by the City for any other purpose.

Parking Map

Parking in the City of Wilton Manors

City to Establish a Long-Term Parking Plan
  • The City has begun the process to establish a long-term parking plan.  The primary goal of the plan will be to provide additional parking for the City's Arts & Entertainment District along Wilton Drive.
  • A public meeting and City Commission workshop was held on November 17, 2015 as the kickoff for this process.  The presentation and backup materials from this public meeting includes some interesting information about the City's Parking program.  These materials are available by clicking here.  The next steps were identified as follows:
    • Get input from the public.
    • Use a consultant to update the 2009 parking study.
    • Coordinate efforts with the City's Economic Development Plan.
    • Develop and implement the long-term parking plan 
Parking Facts

  • Parking meters are located along Wilton Drive and adjacent side streets.
    • Meters must be paid between 9:00 am and 3:00 am any day of the week.  The fee is $1.50 per hour; 4 hours maximum.
  • Parking lots - There is free parking every day until 6:00 pm in City parking lots.
    • Paystations at parking lots must be paid between 6:00 pm and 3:00 am every day of the week.  The fee is $1.50 per hour or $10.00 for all night parking.
    • City Parking Lot locations are:
      • Richardson Park, 1937 Wilton Drive.
      • City Hall/Hagen Park, 2020 Wilton Drive.
      • NE 8th Terrace, Corner of NE 26th Street and NE 8th Terrace.
  • Free parking for City meetings in the City Hall/HagenPark Parking Lot from one-half (1/2) hour before to one-half (1/2) hour after all publicly-noticed meetings held in City Hall or Hagen Park.
    • Publicly-noticed meetings include - City Commission, Planning and Zoning Board, other City advisory boards, and all other publicly-noticed meetings.  Check the calendar at for meeting dates and times.
  • Pay by phone - you can pay by cell phone with a credit card through the ParkMobile service.  Call 1-877-727-5714 and follow the prompts.  You may also download a free ParkMobile app for your smartphone.   
  • Parks & Recreation (Leisure Services) user parking permits are available at Hagen Park for an annual fee of $20.00 for Wilton Manors residents and $30.00 for non-residents.
    • These permits are only available for registered users of the parks and recreation facilities, and are good only during the hours the parks are open.
    • Permits are valid in the City Hall/Hagen Park and Richardson Park parking lots only.  Permits are not valid at any parking meter.
    • Parking permits are not valid during special events. 
  • The Parking Office is located at 517 Northeast 21st Court in the Gables Wilton Park building.  Look for the yellow storefront with the PARK WILTON MANORS sign.
    • Office Hours are Monday through Friday from 10:00 am - 6:00 pm.
  • Phone number to call for information, meter malfunctions, questions, and all other parking issues is (954) 566-3704.
  • Email the parking office at:     
  • Regulation - Most of the City's parking regulations are in Chapter 19 of the City Code.
  • Enforcement - strict enforcement of paid parking is in effect seven days per week.
  • Citation payments are due within ten (10) business days.
    • Expired meter violations are $25.00 payable within ten (10) business days.  Business days are Monday through Friday.
    • A $10 late charge is imposed after ten (10) business days and an additional $20 is imposed after fifteen (15) business days
    • Citation appeals must be made within 10 business days from the time of citation
  • Citation payments can be made in person at the office, by phone at (954) 566-3704, online, or by mail within the allotted time frame.  There is a $2.00 convenience fee added to online payments.
  • Citation appeal forms are available online.
    • You may appeal in person at the Park Wilton Manors Office 
    • You may also request appeals forms by emailing