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Building Permit Applications

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Building Permit Information and Forms



Walk-Through Tuesdays!


The City is pleased to announce that it has started a “Walk-Through Tuesday” program to assist residents and contractors to “Walk-In” with complete Permit Applications and “Walk-Out” with many types of permits.  Subject to the submission of all required properly completed paperwork, the permit application may be dropped off in the morning (between 8am and 10am only) and the approved permit picked up in the afternoon.  Click here for full details.



General Permit Information


Click here for general permit information, office hours, fees, etc.


Inspection Request Form


Permit Forms


In an effort to streamline the permitting process, the City has designed specific checklists to be completed and submitted with the required permit application forms.  These checklists contain the minimum requirements to submit a permit application and there may be additional requirements that become apparent when the application is reviewed.  However, we sincerely hope that these checklists will prevent our customers from having to make multiple trips to our office to provide additional information or documentation.



In addition to the required standard permit application form(s):  Building Permit, Electrical Permit, Mechanical Permit, and Plumbing Permit (all of which must be printed double-sided) please complete any of the checklists below that pertain to the particular project you are permitting:


Air Conditioning Changeout
Backflow Prevention Assembly Test Report
Bonded Permit R.O.W
Contractor Registration
Civil and Site Work Checklist

Decks - Patios Checklist
Demolition Checklist
Docks - Seawalls Checklist
Driveways Checklist
Electrical Service Change Checklist
Environmental Review Guide
Fence Checklist and Requirements
Garage Doors Checklist
General Permit Info
Generators Checklist
Impervious and Pervious Space Calculations
Irrigation Checklist
Medical - Dental Office Affidavit
Notice of Commencement - Completion and Recording Instructions
Pods - Movers Checklist
Public Records Request Form
Renovations - Additions Checklist
Re-Roofing Checklist and HVHZ Package
Sheds Checklist
Signs Checklist
Special Events Checklist
Special Inspector
Swimming Pool Heaters - Replacement Checklist
Swimming Pools - Spas Checklist
TCO.CO and CC Checklist
TCO, CO and CC Requirements Recording

Tenant Improvements Checklist
Tree Removal Process
Vacancy Ordinance Registration Form
Wind Load Chart
Windows, Doors and Shutters Checklist