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Administrative Bureau

The Administration Bureau of the Wilton Manors Police Department is comprised of three separate divisions. Records Management, Training and Fleet management, Accreditation Coordinator and Alarm Administrator. All of these divisions are currently under the supervision of the Administrative Manager, Russell Hanstein.

The Administrative Bureau is responsible for the preparation of the Departmental Budget, Records Management, Technology, Fleet Maintenance and Training. The Administrative Bureau works in conjunction with the Operations Bureau to effectively and efficiently obtain the goals and objectives set forth for the Department. By effectively planning/budgeting for both current and future needs the Administrative Bureau is able to provide the necessary training, equipment and tools for the members of the Department to accomplish their goals and objectives.

Training is a source of productivity and proficiency for the members of the Department. The Administrative Bureau actively looks for sources of training to mold its members into well rounded employees.

Records Management

Under the direction of the Administrative Manager, the Records Management Unit is responsible for auditing and evaluating the investigation recording system and field reporting process; the maintenance and security of arrest records, investigative reports, warrants and other related integral documents; the input of document information to the Department’s Police Records Management System; and dissemination of public record requests.

The Records Manager serves as records custodian for the agency and provides advice for agency personnel on proper handling of public records, their authorized distribution and ultimate destruction. The Records Manager, with the assistance of the Records Tech, coordinates the statistical information that is forwarded to the National, State and local agencies for crime statistic reporting.

Administrative Manager

Administrative Manager Russell Hanstein is responsible for maintaining the Department’s inventory of all equipment; the inventory and dispersal of the Department’s uniforms; maintaining inventory of office equipment and daily operating supplies; training programs that ensure the needs of the agency; maintain all of the Departmental training needs; ensuring training standards are consistent with agency’s goals and objectives. The Administrative Sergeant also oversees Fleet Management which provides for the efficient use and maintenance of the Department’s vehicle inventory and their diverse and necessary attachments. The Administrative Manager acts as the agency liaison and contact point on all issues pertaining to the maintenance and improvement of equipment; He also manages and coordinates all grant related activities of the Department, as well as, coordinates all off duty details as requested.

The Administrative Manager also oversees the operations at the Front Desk. The personnel at the front desk are the first point of contact that most citizens have with the Department as they come to the police department. The personnel at the front desk are responsible for officer support, warrant checks, walk in support and maintaining the incoming phone calls to the department.

Accreditation Coordinator

The Accreditation Coordinator works directly for the Office of the Chief and has a number of responsibilities. The Accreditation Coordinator is responsible for accreditation compliance in the Department’s as a State accredited law enforcement agency. Some of these duties include writing and revising the Police Department’s policies and procedures, ensuring that the Department’s practices are in compliance with the more than 250 standards set by the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation (CFA). The Accreditation Manager is also assigned other tasks such as grant writing, Department forms management and any other special projects delegated by the Office of the Chief.

Alarm Administrator

The primary duty of the Alarm Administrator is the compliance of the City’s Alarm Systems Ordinance by: registering all the alarms in the City; processing all calls of false alarms; and ultimately reducing the number of false alarm calls in the City of Wilton Manors.