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Code Compliance Unit

The City of Wilton Manors Code Compliance Unit currently resides under the direction of Police Chief and is directly supervised by the Administrative Manager of the Wilton Manors Police Department.  Our officers also actively seek out violations in our community taking a proactive approach at improving our city’s image. The ultimate goal of our unit is to improve the ‘Quality of Life’ for our residents, business owners and visitors alike so Wilton Manors can be an enjoyable place to live, work and visit.

Code NoiseThe Code Compliance Officers are assigned areas of responsibility within our City to patrol in search of code violations. Although each Officer has an assigned area, they frequently service our residents in all areas of our City. Each Officer has a vast range of experience in Code Compliance and each brings their own unique knowledge to the job. Our Code Compliance Unit provides patrols six days a week with times varying between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. When necessary our Code Compliance Officers work schedules are adjusted to address violations that traditionally occur outside of the hours normally worked by the members of our Unit. This allows our Unit to address noise issues in our Entertainment District, after hour noise coming from construction sites, barking dogs, water violations and other violations that typically do not occur during normal business hours. The broad range of hours worked by our Unit allows us to adequately accommodate the wide range of needs of our citizens.

Code NoticeTraditionally when a complaint is received, it is investigated and when found to be a violation; the Code Officer will attempt to make personal contact with the violator. During this contact our officer will notify the violator what the violation is, educate them on the ordinance and provide a recommendation(s) on how to comply the matter. If the homeowner or tenant is not at home, a courtesy notice of violation may be left on the door explaining the violation and how compliance can be achieved. A courtesy notice is an informal procedure that promotes voluntary compliance in a non-intrusive way. Should we be unable to gain voluntary compliance our Unit then sends official Notices of Violation to the resident and/or property owner notifying them about the violation and how to achieve voluntary compliance. These notices are traditionally sent via mail. Should these efforts not result in gaining compliance from the violator, we will then schedule this unresolved matter to be heard by our Special Magistrate at which time should the City prevail, fines and administrative costs can be assessed against the violator. Our goal is merely to gain voluntary compliance from the violator, but as you see should the violator fail to comply, our Unit has the mechanism to hold the violator accountable for their actions or inaction's.

Code TrashThe most commonly violated City ordinances are trash receptacles left at the curb prior to or after the permitted time. Trash receptacles may be placed at the curb the night prior to pick up and must be removed the evening following pick up. Lawns must be cut and maintained on a regular basis so as to not exceed eight (8) inches in height. Dogs may not stray or run at large and a dog running at large may be impounded by the City’s Police Department and/or Broward County Animal Control. No person walking a dog shall allow the dog to defecate upon private or City property unless the waste is immediately removed by such person. Parking or storing of unlicensed or inoperable vehicles on any property in our City is prohibited. A valid license plate is required to be attached to all vehicles including motor vehicles, recreational vehicles, trailers and boat trailers.Building permits are required for work related to the installation, renovation or remodeling of residences, buildings and other structures. Code Lawn

Should anyone have any questions or concerns regarding a potential Code Compliance matter please contact us at (954) 567-6062. You can also conduct a property search for code cases and report violations online by going to our website at  Follow the “Online Services” section where you will find the “Search for a Code Violation/Report a Violation” link. We encourage everyone to be active in our endeavor to keep our wonderful “Island City” a great place to live, conduct business or visit, and it will take a combined effort between our community and our City to achieve this goal.