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With the arrival of summer, our thoughts turn to vacation, outdoor activities and more leisure time with familySummer Fun and friends.  Plan before you go, even out to weed for the day, can assure that when you return, all of your valuables will still be where you left them.

  1. When you purchase new electronics like a flat screen TV or a new laptop computer, document the Make, Model, & Serial number.  Most people believe this information is in the owner’s manual, but 99% of the time it is not.  Don’t throw the box out on trash day. You will be telling the world, “it’s here, and it’s brand-new.”  Cut up the box and put it in a black garbage bag with other trash. Tie the bag and place it with your garbage can.  If you are working in your garden or back yard for the day, make sure you lock all of your entry doors. It may seem okay to leave the garage door up, since you will be outside. However, tools and sporting goods that are left in plain sight in an open garage are easy targets while you are in the back yard.  Bicycles are a popular item so take advantage of the Police Department’s Bicycle Registration Program. Bring your bicycles to our Police Department where they will be registered, and a decal with a unique serial number will be placed on each bicycle frame.  In the event they are stolen, the bicycle’s information will be readily available to any Officer that might stop someone riding your bicycle.
  2. If you are going away for a day or two arrange to have your neighbor pickup your mail and newspapers. Leaving newspapers lying on your driveway or an over-stuffed mailbox is a sure sign that you aren’t in town.
  3. If you are going away for a week or more call the U.S. Post Office and your local newspaper to have them stop delivery until you return. Purchase a few timers and plug lamps in key rooms into the timers. Stagger the on and off times so they do not all go on and off at the same time. If you are leaving a car at home, do not park it in your garage.  Park it in your driveway and have your neighbor move it around every other day.
  4. If you are going to be gone for more than a week hire a lawn man or ask your neighbor to cut the lawn. An overgrown lawn can also tell a burglar that no one is home.
  5. If you are going to be gone for a month or longer and being that summer time is hurricane season; put up your shutters, super-chlorinate the pool, put away lawn furniture and any other potential flying objects. You can shutoff the water heater, and turn off the main water valve at the side of the house. This is a good idea, even when you’re going away for one night.  Suspend your mail delivery or have it forwarded to your summer address and cancel your newspaper delivery.  Hiring a lawn service for weekly or semi-weekly cuts is also a good idea.  Put lamp timers on a lamp in each room you normally use and vary the on and off time.

summer crime prevention2.png

You can access a House Check form from our website at  Fill out the form found at the bottom of the page and email it back, mail it in, or drop it off at our front desk.  Officers will periodically check on your home while you are out of town.

Have a safe and fun filled summer!