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General Information

Wilton Manors is the 17th city in the nation to be declared a Certified Community Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation (NWF).

As an island city, we are dedicated to protecting our environment. We encourage you to join us in our effort to conserve our natural resources and provide a safe, healthy place to live. We are looking for homeowners, renters, businesses, and schools to certify the properties in which they live, work or play as NatureScape habitats.  Is your property certified? Certify your yard.

NatureScape encourages the use of native plants in landscaping. These plants are uniquely adapted to grow in South Florida. Natives generally require little watering once established, and are naturally pest resistant, which means less use of expensive and toxic chemicals. So by using native plants we conserve water and reduce pollution while maintaining a healthy landscape.

Make a Difference
Find out how you make a difference just by starting in your own backyard. Certification is easy to do:
  • Information packets are available at:
    • Wilton Manors Library
    • Wilton Manors Main Street Office
    • Hagen Park
    • Island City Park Preserve
  • Online you can visit NatureScape Broward and the National Wildlife Federation
  • Attend our free gardening classes
  • Email or call M.E. Depalma at (954) 563-2148 to schedule a visit from a NatureScape Yard Advisor to certify (at no charge) or for more information on the project
  • Or, if you think you are ready and want to do it yourself, go online and complete an application (along with a $20 donation to NWF for processing)
    • Be certain to let M.E. Depalma know your certification number so we can keep track of our habitats and add your yard to our city map