Bulk Trash Collection

Bulk Trash Collection

The City provides once a month bulk trash pickup for single family residences, as well as multi-family residences up to six units. There are also four scheduled bulk trash pickups each year for most condo/townhome complexes.  Please see the Collection Schedules and Zone Map for your area.  If you are unsure whether your complex receives this service, please call Utility Billing at (954) 390-2145.

Monthly bulk trash collection schedules are also on every water bill and in every Town Crier.

Commercial customers are not eligible for bulk pickup, but they may call Waste Management at (954) 974-7500 to obtain pricing if additional garbage service is needed.

Bulk trash includes items such as furniture, appliances and other materials not suitable for loading into garbage trucks. Bulk collection is not intended for hazardous chemical waste, automobile parts, major construction debris, or trash resulting from commercial landscaping or lawn service transported to a residential unit from elsewhere. Also, mirrors, glass table tops, window panes, plate glass, etc., will not be picked up unless they are properly and safely placed in a rigid container to prevent unnecessary accidents. The placing of these items unsatisfactorily at the curb represents a serious threat of injury to employees of Waste Management.  Please refer to the Collection Days & Instructions for additional details.

Bulk items must be streetside (off the roadway) and ready for pick up by 7:00 a.m. on your scheduled date.  The City asks that bulk items be out for pickup only during their designated week, as placing items out too early could result in fines. During hurricane season, it is especially important to ensure that unsecured materials are not left at the curb any longer than necessary in case a storm arrives.

Additionally, during bulk pick-up week in January, Christmas trees (without lights, ornaments or tree stands) may be placed streetside for picked up to be burned at the Waste-to-Energy Plant to create energy.