Budget Review Advisory Committee


The Budget Review Advisory Board was created to review and sustain policy issues as they relate to both current and proposed operating budgets and the seven- year expenditure projects and make their recommendations to the City Commission. This is a two-year term office  

The Budget Review Advisory Board was created by Resolution No. 1744 in 1994.  Click here for direct link to Resolution.

If you are interested in serving on the Budget Review Advisory Board, fill out the application, linked below, and submit to the City Clerk's Office, at CityClerk@wiltonmanors.com.  
Board/Committee Application
When there is a board opening applicants will be asked to attend the City Commission Meeting to introduce themselves to the Commission prior to selection and appointment.  Applications are held for one (1) year. 

 Board Member  Term Expiration Date
Van A. Gosselin 1/1/21
Michael Bracchi 1/1/21
Jon O'Connor 1/1/21
Mark Freeman 1/1/20
Salvatore Torre 1/1/20
Pennie Zuercher, Staff Liaison pzuercher@wiltonmanors.com


Budget Review Advisory Board Agenda Center