Civil Service Board


The Civil Service Board is composed of five members, three appointed by the City Commission and two elected by the civil service city employees. The purpose of the board is to make comments and recommendations of the Civil Service rules to the City Commission and also to make investigations concerning the enforcement and effect of Article XII (Civil Service) of the City's Code of Ordinances.

The Civic Service Board was created by Ordinance and can be found in the City Charter, Article XII.  Click here for direct link to the section creating the Civil Service Board in the City Charter

If you are interested in serving on the Civil Service Board, fill out the application, linked below, and submit to the City Clerk's Office, at  
 Civil Service Board Application
When there is a board opening applicants will be asked to attend the City Commission Meeting to introduce themselves to the Commission prior to selection and appointment.  Applications are held for one (1) year, expiring at the end of each calendar year.  

 Board Member  Term Expiration Date
Scott McCoy, Chair 1/1/26
Patricia Staples (City Emp.), Vice Chair 1/1/24
Joshua French 1/1/26
Daren Jairam (City Emp.) 1/1/23
Salvatore Torre ​1/1/26

Dio Sanchez, Staff Liaison