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Special Event Permit Application

  1. Applicant Information
  2. Status of Organization:*
  3. List Additional Organization Contacts -
  4. Event Information Part I
  5. Event Day 1
  6. Event Day 2
  7. Event Day 3
  8. Will any City of Wilton Manors equipment be requested for use during event?
  9. Event Information Part II
  10. Event Insurance: *
  11. Admission Fees: *
  12. Select all that apply: *
  13. **

    *All serving and sales of alcohol require proper licensing according to Florida Law.

    *All vendors preparing food are required to have a Health Department Permit from a county in Florida and a certificate must accompany vendor at the time of the event. All vendors must adhere to Broward County Health Department guidelines.

  14. Indicate if event includes any of the below categories and give detailed information as well as include these items in your site plan to be submitted with this application.
  15. Parking & Street Closures
  16. Will you use offsite/outsourced or independent parking locations:
  17. Do you plan to shuttle from offsite parking locations?
  18. Emergency Management Plans
  19. Application Document Uploads
  20. Be sure to include event space, parking, trash/dumpsters, stages/platforms, booths, bleachers, music/sound location, and areas with temporary structures such as tents or canopies, fencing, desired entrance and exit areas, areas for portable restrooms, ADA accessible areas. Please be as thorough as possible with site plan.

  21. ($1,000,000 Aggregate/$1,000,000 each occurrence)

    Please have document list:

    City of Wilton Manors, 2020 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305 as named certificate holder and additional insured.

    The insurance coverage shall be for any and all associated activities related to the event. Certificates of Insurance will be reviewed and approved by the City’s Risk Management Department and may request increased level of coverage based on type of event and attendance.

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